Effective Twitter Marketing Strategies

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 by

Effective Twitter marketing does not require as much effort unlike other social networking sites. The secret is to utilize its marketing tools that can boost your product’s potential to gain positive results. Studies have proven that 75% of Twitter users would likely buy the brands they follow. Also, recent survey says that almost 1 out

Yes, you are in the world of social media but the question is how good are you at it. There are four major elements that need to have effective Facebook marketing strategies: Page Design, Content Posting, Community Interaction and Facebook Ads & Campaigns   1.) PAGE DESIGN – Profile Picture Your company or business logo is the most ideal profile picture

Facebook and Twitter for Businesses

Monday, 24 June 2013 by

  There are many social networking sites that people can use nowadays. Some are already familiar to most of us yet some are still emerging the world of social media. YouTube shows videos. Flickr stores photos. SoundCloud plays music. Foursquare describes places. StumbleUpon recommends web content. Wattpad shares articles. But what are the top two

  Before the internet was born, there were four traditional forms of media that were being used to convey a message – whether to a single person, or to many people.   Printing Press    Photo (c) Gordon Coster   Telegraph & Telephone                         Image Source: Museum Victoria   Photos, Recorded Sound & Films  Image

If you have not used the power of social media yet, you are missing one very essential marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you should maximize the power of social media marketing: Social Media is free. You can create an account for your business with no cost. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are currently